Hi! I'm a seasoned Creative Director, Art Director, and Product Designer.
Hi! I'm a seasoned Creative Director, Art Director, and Product Designer.
At L'Alpe d'Huez, France. Ski resort.

Born in Russia, Magadan and lived there till 2002.

Started my creative career in 2004. I’ve been helping startups, founders and well-run businesses with Branding, Product Design, UI/UX and Brand Experience for 14+ years. I write for The Startup and Hackernoon on Medium. Check out my latest articles.

A few career milestones worth mentioning:

Launched an online magazine (cooperated with Bugatti France, Jaguar and Ducati) in 2007. Followed with my personal exhibition/installation same year and then launched my Creative Agency in 2008.

The youngest film production Art-Director in 2009 (top Russia’s film production studio).

Top 10 freelancers on Upwork (former Elance) in 2013.

Joined a garage-stage Asia’s crypto/fintech company as their first Creative Director in 2015. Left after 3.5 years once the company grew to $1B valuation and 300+ employees across 3 countries.

I enjoy traveling and meeting new people whenever I have a chance. So far I’ve been to about 10 Russian cities, lived a few years in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. I’ve travelled abroad to Vietnam, Japan, France, UAE.

My other passion is riding. I own two motorcycles, one is a Ducati Monster 400 (city riding, cafe-racing), the other is a Multistrada 1200S GT (sold) Monster S4RST Tricolore. Other things I ride are snowboards. I’ve got a flat camber, and will probably get a hybrid soon to match my skills and get off-piste. I kind of know my way around skates, skateboards and longboards as well.

Finally, I’m a TV Series fan. My watch list: Fringe, Blacklist, Homeland, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Fargo, Better Call Saul, Shades of Blue, Legion (my personal favorite #1), True Detective, Altered Carbon, Counterpart, Billions (my personal favorite #2), Gotham. I tend to think I watch mostly for the beauty of intro credits.

Most recent

My collection of featured cases. Client work, in-house and my own products go here.


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I designed lots of stuff across these years, though due to moving around a bit too much I lost lots of materials. This, and also ’cause I actually tend to impulsively trash designs I no longer like. Here at my Archives are a few proud survivors.

Various logotypes.
Identity concept for real estate web platform.
Advertising concepts for elite champagne importer.
Flash website for elite champagne importer.
Top: Jaguar photosession. Bottom: Creative installation identity concept.
Lead art for TV series.
E-commerce platform identity for HK-based startup.
Some of the very early websites, my own illustrations, calligraphy and mixed art.
Print and media for a film production studio.

A story for the AI/ML app that matches people via their media preferences, likes, social activity on Facebook and such.

This one was inspired by the stuff Tony Stark was doing in Iron Man. A similar tech-Jesus is going through the digital mess to find what matters most.

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